Debate and Public Speaking Course

Basics about public debate courses in the American high schools
Public Debate is a comprehensive academic course generally offered in American elite high schools to train students’ language skills, thinking skills and the ability to express themselves eloquently. In our debate course, we have specially designed an immersion environment for Chinese students to learn English according to their needs, guiding them to train their thinking skills through the debate practice. In this course, their abilities of doing research, logical thinking and public speaking will all be improved at the same time.

Target Students:
☆ Students from 7-12 grades, who are interested in the debate course in American high schools

Course Objectives:
☆ Learning to be convincing and expressive in speaking English, and communicate clearly and effectively with other people

Course Descriptions:
☆ Learn to write a convincing statement
☆ Learn to do Lincoln–Douglas Debate (one-to-one style of debate, popular in American high schools)
☆ Learn to do Parliamentary Debate (one vs. many style of debate, popular in American high schools) ☆ Attend student mock debates
☆ Learn to ask powerful questions to challenge others’ views

Teaching Hours:
☆ In total 20 hours

Mode of Teaching:
☆ Online small classes (6-8 students) led by teachers from American elite private schools. The teachers will instruct the debate skills and lead mock debates.

Available areas for course enrolment:
☆ This course has been tried out in Hong Kong and will accept student enrolment from mainland China soon.