“Ivy Bridge” Courses for Young Students


1, Target Students

Young Chinese students who are going to study in the American secondary schools in one or two years.

2, English Proficiency Requirements

TOFEL scores over 70 and verified by interviews.

3, Mode of Teaching


4, Course Teachers

These teachers are American local teachers selected by Ivy Labs through strict screening. Most of them have owned a Master’s degree and have extensive teaching experience.

5, Course Description

This course is divided into four major components, namely English literature, European and American history, American culture, and natural sciences. These four parts are interrelated but different, covering all aspects of academic studies they would experience in the US. It also anticipated the difficulties they may face in their future study and life in the US and help them build confidence and be well-prepared before they set foot on the foreign land.

For more information, please call:010-85189088

How to enroll

Step 1, Click the link below, log in, fill in the application form and submit

Step 2, Interview

After submitting the form, one of our course teachers will call the applicant within 48 hours and schedule a Skype interview. It will last for about 20-30 minutes.

Step 3, The completion of formalities and preparation for courses

24 hours after the interview, suitable applicants for the course will be notified and complete the payment. At the same time, students will be trained together for the use of courseware.